Buying New Car in Michigan

If you are interested in buying new car in Michigan, you must be aware of the rules and requirements put in place by the office of Secretary of State in Michigan, which is responsible for vehicle registration etc in the state. Each state in the US has its own policies regarding the purchase and selling of a car, and you must abide by them based on where you reside.

Since most new cars are bought directly from a dealer, the dealer takes care of the necessary paperwork involved on your behalf. However, understanding the process of buying new car in Michigan is still useful in order to avoid any inconveniences should they arise. The two most important things you need are a title transfer document and a bill of sale. The former officially transfers the title of the car to your name, declaring you as the owner, while the latter contains all the details of the transaction. These details include the price of purchase, a description of the car and details of the seller and buyer. This is important and must be submitted to the Secretary of State to demonstrate that there is an understanding between you and the seller. From the point of purchase, you have 15 days to submit the title transfer to the Secretary of State to claim true ownership of the car. The same department will assist you in registering the car as well. It is imperative that all your information is consistent in all the documents you submit. Misrepresentation of any detail can result in a confiscation of your driving rights and heavy fines.

The next order of business once you are done buying new car in Michigan is to obtain insurance. Michigan state laws require that you must carry enough insurance on you to cover any damages and injuries to your car, even if the accident is not your fault. This ‘no-fault’ insurance ensures that all drivers have enough protection to avoid any major accidents.

Once you have completed the process and paid the requisite fees, you will be authorized as the true owner of your new vehicle and can freely enjoy driving in the state of Michigan.

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