Buying New Car in New Jersey

If you are buying new car in New Jersey, you should be aware of the paperwork involved in order to rightfully claim ownership of it. This will help you get through the process quickly and accurately, instead of getting tied down in resolving different problems.

To begin with, you will have to obtain a signed-off title from the dealer. The title is a document that reflects the name of the owner of the vehicle. Titles are only transferred between owners when a purchase is made; new titles are only issued once when a dealer purchases the car from the manufacturer. In most cases, when you are buying new car in New Jersey, the dealer takes care of the title transfer on your behalf.

The next step to complete after buying new car in New Jersey is the registration process. All cars, new and used, are required to be registered with the Motor Vehicles Commission before you can operate them in the state. In order to register your vehicle, you will have to possess a valid driving license for the state, liability insurance for your vehicle, and a title stating you as the owner of the vehicle. You will submit these to the MVC office, which will process your application and send you license plates and registration stickers in the mail.
Ensure that the vehicle identification number and all personal contact details are accurate across all the forms you have to fill out.

Inconsistencies involve a tedious process to correct, involve paying additional costs, and can result in penalties from law enforcers. You do not want to incur any fines or lose your driving privileges due to an oversight at the time of registration.

Simply buying a car in New Jersey is not reason enough to drive it. You need to complete the entire process of registering it in order to legally drive within the state. As an added precaution, you can ask the dealer for a bill of sales. This is a document containing a complete description of the vehicle and information on the buyer and seller. Not only does it present a proof of purchase, it also offers protection to both parties in the case of a legal dispute.

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