Buying Motorcycle in Michigan

Every state in the US has its motorcycle enthusiasts, and Michigan is no exception. Buying motorcycle in Michigan requires certain paperwork which you must be familiar with, even if you are not primarily responsible for filling it out and submitting it. Knowing how the process works can help you resolve any issues quickly, and help others in completing their documents as well.

If you are interested in buying motorcycle in Michigan, you will first have to examine it thoroughly for any defects whatsoever. Hiring a licensed mechanic to do so is advisable since they have a better understanding of what to look for. Whether you are purchasing a new motorcycle from a dealer or a used one from a private seller, this step ensures you are spending money on a quality product. Obtaining a vehicle history report in the case of a used vehicle is a further means of ensuring quality. The history report lists all the previous owners of the vehicle and also reports any criminal incidents the vehicle may have been involved in. Use this document to verify the claims made by the seller and determine your interest in the vehicle.

If you settle on buying motorcycle in Michigan, the next step is to register the vehicle and obtain a title transfer. Both these processes are important to declare you as the official owner of the motorcycle and you can find the required paperwork at the Secretary of State’s office. You are required to submit the title transfer and application for registration within a fixed time from your purchase to avoid any complications. Motorcycle registrations in Michigan are valid for one year and must be renewed regularly. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines and a confiscation of your driving rights as well.

Before you can start driving your new purchase though, you must ensure that you meet the state’s requirements for motorcycle drivers. You must carry sufficient insurance to cover for damages to the bike and injuries to you or a passenger. You must also have a valid license specific to motorcycles to be authorized to drive.

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