Buying Motorcycle in North Carolina

Whether you are interested in buying motorcycle in North Carolina or elsewhere in the US, following certain basic practices can help you obtain a quality product for your investment. You also must be aware of any legal paperwork involved to make the post-purchase processing easier for you.

For starters, you need to determine whether you are buying a used or new motorcycle. In case you are buying motorcycle in North Carolina from a dealership, they are going to take care of most of the paperwork for you. This includes the transfer of title and registration for your vehicle. However, if you are purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller, you need to exercise caution.

You are recommended to hire a professional mechanic to conduct a thorough examination of the motorcycle to rule out any defects. If you possess sufficient experience in motorcycle inspection, you can conduct this examination yourself. You are also advised to order a vehicle history report; this is a basic document which lists out all previous owners of the vehicle and also reports any misdemeanors it has been involved in. The vehicle history report is an excellent way to verify the seller’s claims regarding the motorcycle, and you can use it as a tool to determine the quality of the product.

Another thing to consider if you are buying motorcycle in North Carolina from a private seller is a bill of sales. This is a document you will have to fill out completely and submit to your local Department of Motor Vehicles along with an application for registration and transfer of title. The bill of sales contains complete description of the vehicle, the cost of the transaction, and details of the buyer and seller. Ensure that the information on this document is complete and accurate, as it offers protection to both the buyer and seller in case of any legal dispute.

Simply purchasing a motorcycle is not enough though. You will also have to purchase insurance for your vehicle to cover the cost of damages and injury, and obtain a license authorizing you to drive in the state.

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