Buying Motorcycle in New Jersey

Whether you are buying a new or used motorcycle in New Jersey, you will need to complete certain mandatory paperwork before you can legally operate it within the state. By and large, the process is the same for both new and used motorcycles, but requires some additional caution in the latter case.

If you are buying a motorcycle in New Jersey from a dealer, you have considerably less to worry about. The dealer will take care of the transfer of ownership for you and provide you with a complete bill of sales reflecting the transaction. All you have to do is make the payment on time and sign the dotted line at the right places, and you will be the rightful owner of your vehicle! However, if you are purchasing a motorcycle from a private seller or used dealership, you should consider some extra precautionary measures. Order a vehicle history report after locating the vehicle identification number on the motorcycle. The history report will list out all the previous owners of the motorcycle and the states these owners were residents of.

In addition, you will find information about any damages, criminal involvement, and comments from insurance companies in the report as well. Use this information to verify the seller’s claims and evaluate the actual value of the vehicle you wish to buy. The history report is an excellent source of protection for the consumer.

After buying a motorcycle in New Jersey, you will have to get it registered with the Motor Vehicles Commission of New Jersey. This is necessary for the state’s records and for you to receive your license plate. Approach the MVC’s office with proof of residence, valid ID, a bill of sales, and the title document for the vehicle for your application to be processed. Upon completion, you will receive your New Jersey license plates via the mail.

The last step to complete after buying a motorcycle in New Jersey is insurance. This is necessary to protect you and other motorists in the event of an accident. State laws require you to carry a fixed minimum amount of coverage. If you choose to wear a helmet, your insurance premium may go down.

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