Buying Motorcycle in Pennsylvania

Buying motorcycle in Pennsylvania means much more than just handing over a check to a seller. It also involves motorcycle title transfer and registration. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PenDOT) handles and processes the registration application for motor vehicles. You will be required to submit several official documents. You can start by getting a MV-1 Form from the Driver License Center. This is not available online and has to be obtained in person.

While buying a used motorcycle in Pennsylvania, you pay the sales tax on the fair market value of the vehicle and not the sale price that has been negotiated. A title transfer should be done if you are buying a used car as you will need a valid title for the motorcycle registration. If you have bought a new vehicle, the dealership will be responsible for sending the title application to The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. If you are buying a used one, make sure that the seller provides you with a title card with your name, address and odometer reading on the back side. You will have to sign the title before a notary public.  You will then have to visit a tag service office with proper identification. $22.50 has to be paid as the title transfer fee along with a completed MV-4ST form.

In addition to a valid title, you will also need to submit a proof that you have sufficient auto insurance policy from a Pennsylvania insurance company. This insurance identification card needs to be accompanied with a Pennsylvania driver’s license or a Pennsylvania Photo Identification. You can ask a dealership attorney or an inspection mechanic to carry out VIN verification for the purpose. The VIN can help buyers obtain motorcycle history reports which give invaluable information on damages inflicted, recall and title history. Remember to renegotiate the purchase price if you find any conflicting information.

Motorcycle registration fee amounts to eighteen dollars and can be paid through a money order or a check. If you are new to the state, you will get a total of twenty days to register your motorcycle. The documents will take ten days to be processed. Once you receive the registration documents in mail, you will have another ten days to have your bike inspected.

Can you tell me about the amount for used motorcycle buying fees PA?

If you are living in PA and have just bought a used motorbike, you will need to get in touch with the DMV office near you and apply for registration. There are a few documents you have to submit to the department including a title transfer form and registration form. These are accompanied by a registration fee that must be paid. In PA, the registration fee is $22.50.

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