Buying Motorcycle in Washington

There are over 216,000 registered motorcycles in the state of Washington. Riding a motorcycle for obvious reasons is considered dangerous than driving a car and therefore requires special precautions. To make sure motorcycle riders are safe and follow traffic laws, the Washington State Department of Licensing has designed a number of guidelines and rules that are enforced throughout the state. This department performs a number of functions such as registration of cars and bikes, licensing, and regulating road rules. Every state has a department of motor vehicles that handles all issues related to vehicles.

Buying a Motorcycle in Washington

Those who buy a motorcycle in Washington must make sure they acquire state registration and complete the necessary paperwork. First of all, buyers must make sure the vehicle they choose to buy is safe and is free of any technical issue. It is the responsibility of the seller to disclose all information related to the vehicle. Buyers can hire an inspector to check the motorcycle and approve its condition and quality. It is always important to check the odometer readings before purchasing any vehicle.

Once the transaction has been completed, the buyer must register the motorcycle with the Washington State Department of Licensing. This is a mandatory step and should be done immediately after the sale or purchase. In many cases, the seller will handle most of the paperwork. The buyer of the Motorcycle must visit a local Washington State Department of Licensing office and submit a number of documents for the registration process. These documents have been listed below:

  • Certificate of origin (in case of a new motorcycle)
  • Identification card and social security number
  • Current registration (in case of a used motorcycle)
  • Proof of residency
  • Receipt of registration fee and taxes

The Washington State Department of Licensing will verify the entire documents and register the motorcycle in a defined number of days. Upon receiving the new registration, one can apply for a motorcycle license. It is also important for motorcycle riders to have knowledge of road rules for bikes. The licensing requirements usually vary slightly from state to state.

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