Buying Used Car in Pennsylvania

The process of buying used car in Pennsylvania has to be carried out according to the state’s rules and regulations. In order to legally own and drive a used car, you must transfer the car title to your name and register your car. All vehicle transfers have to be processed by PennDOT and you can visit a Vehicle Services Center or the Department of Motor Vehicles to assist you in the process of car title transfer and registration.

First of all, buyers must ensure that the seller provides them with a title. Check the reverse side of the title to make sure that section A is completed by the seller. Section D in front of the title has to be filled by the buyer. Both the seller and buyer are required to handprint their names in the presence of a notary public or at a tag service office. Odometer readings, purchase price and other information should be verified. A title transfer fee of $22.5 has to be paid. Make sure that you do not give an out of state address. The buyer should be aware that he is not entitled to the plates removed by the seller, once the title transfer is complete.

Once the title is transferred, the ownership is established in the buyer’s name. But in order to legally drive the car and to obtain the license plates, you will have to obtain registration as well. Make arrangements for an insurance policy before buying the car. The minimum liability requirements in Pennsylvania for car owners comprise of a physical injury limit of fifteen thousand dollars per individual, total physical injury limit of thirty thousand dollars for more than one person and a property destruction limit of five thousand dollars. A copy of an insurance identification card will have to be attached with your registration application form MV-4ST.

You are required to bring with you an acceptable form of identification like a valid Pennsylvania photo driver’s license or a valid Pennsylvania photo identification card. VIN tracing or verification is also required if a Pennsylvania resident purchases a car from a non resident. A sales tax amounting to six percent of the purchase price or the current market value of the car has to be paid in Pennsylvania

The state also requires you to have valid safety and emission inspection stickers. If these are not valid at the time of purchase, have you car inspected within ten days.  Lemon law is going to be your best safeguard against defective cars; it is worth your while to acquaint yourself with the lemon law as it applies to the state of your residence.

When buying a used car in PA, what kind of paperwork do I have to deal with?

When buying a used car in PA, you need to make sure you get it registered in the state, and also have legal ownership of the vehicle. First of all, you need to get a title transfer certificate that proves your ownership. Apart from this, you need to fill out a form for registration and license plate. More information is available on our pages, take a look.

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