Selling Car in Georgia

A bill of sale is a document important for the transfer of a car from the seller to the buyer. It is a legal document made by the seller to a purchaser stating that he has sold the car to the new owner for a particular amount of money. It also outlines the mileage and the condition of the vehicle. Every state has its own set of rules that need to be followed for the legal transference of your vehicle.

When selling a car in Georgia, a set of guidelines need to be followed. The state of Georgia allows you to sell a car in two ways. It is important that any loan on the vehicle is immediately paid off. You will be allowed to sell the car while the loan is still due given that you will have to pay it off as soon as the car is sold. If you resort to this option its important to inform your buyer and include the information of the lien holder on the Bill of Sale. A Bill of Sales is required to sell any vehicle in the state of Georgia.

A bill of sale will include all the information of the seller, the vehicle to be sold and also the information of the new owner. It will include; the new owner’s name, the full address of the new owner, the seller’s name, the full address of the seller, the date of the sale, the sale price, the detailed vehicle description, any current lien on the car, vehicle odometer reading and the signature of both parties. Unlike other states Georgia allows you to keep your license plates. You can even put them on the next vehicle that you buy. It is only important to specify your odometer reading if you are selling a car in Georgia that has been used for more than ten years.

It is of utmost importance that for a legal transfer of ownership all these steps are followed and done so in the presence of an authorized auto dealer. Any further queries can be registered to the Georgia Motor Vehicle Department.

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