Selling Car in Illinois

Illinois being one of the largest states in the United States is home to millions of cars. Similarly, thousands of cars are bought and sold in the state on daily basis. To keep record of the change in the ownership of cars, the state has car registration laws which must be observed by those who are selling as well as those who are buying cars, in order for a hassle free legal transaction. Failure to follow the state’s rules may attract penalties. So it is in your own interest to observe the state of Illinois motor vehicle registration laws, especially when buying or selling a car.

If you are selling a car in Illinois you must follow the following steps:

  • At the time of sale, you must provide the buyer with signed and dated certificate of title of the car. The title must be signed in the Assignment of Title area. The title must also have signed and printed names of all the buyers and sellers, certifying the odometer reading as the actual mileage on the car’s odometer.
  • You must complete and mail the Notice of Sale form to the Secretary of State’s office. The form is attached to the bottom of the title. If it is not attached to the bottom of the title then it can be downloaded from
  • You may prepare a bill of sale for the buyer including the date of sale and price paid. You may like to keep a copy of the document for your own record.
  • You must remove the license plates of the car before selling the car to the buyer. The license plates belong to the registered owner of the car and not to the car itself.
  • You must remove the insurance cards and other vehicle registration documents from the car before its delivery to the buyer.
  • You must obtain the buyer’s name and address so that in case of title or registration problems after the sale, he/she could be contacted.
What are the requirements for selling cars IL that do not have a title?

You cannot sell your car without a valid title. The title has to be handed over to the buyer before any financial transaction takes place. If you have lost your title, you need to obtain a duplicate title by filling out an Application for Vehicle Transaction VSD 190 from your local Secretary of State office. You must mention the correct odometer reading and the vehicle identification number. Lastly you must sign this application and submit it to the office of Secretary of State.

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