Selling Car in Massachusetts

Selling a car in Massachusetts can be a difficult task as the state has some stringent laws in place for consumer protection. For instance, The Lemon Aid Law states that a buyer is eligible to return the vehicle and ask for a refund if the car fails the inspection test within seven days of purchase. You are obligated by state law to disclose any defects that have the potential of impairing the safety and functionality of the car under the Used Vehicle Warranty Law. The buyer has the right to cancel the sale if he or she can prove that you concealed the defects. Similarly odometer rollbacks are also punishable by fines and termination of sale.

In order to expedite the sale of your car, you should provide the buyer with a vehicle history report. Most buyers can obtain this report on their own through the vehicle identification number but if you provide it yourself, the buyer will know that you are not trying to conceal any flaws. A clean VHR will be able to procure a better sale price.

As the seller, you will be responsible for handling certain paperwork. You must provide an assigned title. If you cannot find the original title, apply for a duplicate title by visiting the RMV. The title should include the correct odometer reading, printed name of the buyer and his signature. You should also print your name and sign the title. Lastly you must mention the date of sale and purchase price. If you cannot find enough space on the title to mention the sale price, fill out the required information in the Bill of Sale.

Once the sale is finalized, you can remove the license plates from your car. These need to be surrendered to a nearby Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) office. You should also apply for a Release of Liability before cancelling your insurance policy. This is important as state records might still list you as the car owner after the sale. If that is the case, you will be responsible for paying the traffic infractions incurred by the new owner. This procedure is applicable for selling used cars only, since only dealers are authorized to sell new cars.

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