Selling Car in Texas

To keep transportation networks running smooth and effectively, the administration of traffic and vehicle rules is crucial. Since this is one of the main sectors in an economy, departments of motor vehicles (DMV) have been set up in each state to regulate all legal matters related to vehicles and automobile dealers. These departments are authorized by the federal government to provide necessary services and assist in motor vehicle transactions. From issuing licenses to registering cars, vehicle departments perform a number of duties and also keep a record of all registered vehicles in the state.

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

Similar to vehicle departments in every other state, the vehicle department of Texas is the leading authority for handling purchase, sale, and registration of automobiles. There are specific guidelines and rules designed for purchase and sale of cars, these rules must be adhered to by all car owners, sellers, and buyers.

Individuals interested in selling their car need to keep a few things in mind such as insurance and safety. It is important that the car being sold has been insured and is in excellent working condition. Mechanical faults can compromise the safety of drivers as well as passengers. For selling a car in Texas, you must make sure the buyer is satisfied with the working condition of the car and that no dispute arises. A clear consent of purchase and sale must be present. The next step would be to secure partial payment from the buyer and fill out a Transfer of Ownership form. This document legally designates ownership to the new buyer of the vehicle. The official website of the Texas department of Motor Vehicles provides sellers the option of filing out the ownership form online. One must also obtain a title application form known as the Form 130-U which completes the entire transfer process legally.

Once the above mentioned steps are complete, the Texas Department of Public transportation will issue a Motor Vehicle Transfer Notification form that is to be filled out and submitted to the state vehicle department. One must have complete information about the buyer before filling out any form.

What is the role of title check in selling car in Texas?

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles maintains a database for the purpose of consumer protection. Any transaction involving used cars should first run a title check buy using the vehicle identification number. Any damage to the car that qualifies the vehicle as salvaged, junked, flood or storm damaged will show up in this check. Seller can ensure the buyers that the car has a clean title through a title check.

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