Selling Car in Virginia

With over 7.5 million registered cars, Virginia is among the top states with the highest of vehicles and licensed drivers. The state has an extensive road and highway infrastructure, which has indirectly increased the number of cars. All traffic rules and regulations are authorized by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. This is a government agency that provides assistance to drivers when it comes to car registration, licensing, and other motor vehicle matters. Residents in Virginia must get their vehicles registered at this department to be legally allowed to drive in this state.

Selling Car in Virginia
Selling any vehicle in Virginia involves some paperwork and fulfillment of a few legal requirements. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles assists all sellers and buyers in this regard. The legal procedure for selling a car in Virginia is designed by the Motor Vehicle Department.

If you are planning to sell a car in Virginia, the first step is to find a potential buyer. As a seller, you must provide accurate information about the vehicle to the buyer. Disclosing all technical issues (if any) is necessary. The buyer must base his purchase decision on facts provided by you through a Vehicle History Report. Insurance is another major area to consider. All carts must be insured under all circumstances. There are many different types of car insurance policies. When selling your vehicle, you must also tell the buyer about the car’s current insurance coverage policies. Selling, buying, or driving any car that is uninsured is against the law in any state.

Once the deal is finalized, you need to take the next step which includes transferring the title to the buyer. As a seller, you must fill out the form of a Title Transfer and provide a copy to the new owner. But before you transfer the title, make sure you receive the payment and have a bill of sale.

The title transfer form will collect all kind of information about your residency, identity, and car insurance. The form has to be submitted to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for the registration process. This step is usually undertaken by the buyer of the car.

What are basic rules of car titles and driving in Virginia?

To get a car transferred to your name, you must fill out a title transfer form. This form successfully transfers the legal ownership from one person to another. However, you will also need to get the vehicle registered under your name. For this process, you may have to visit the DMV office and fill out a registration form.

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