Selling Motorcycle in Georgia

Selling a motorcycle in Georgia

Selling any vehicle is a tedious process. It requires a series of legal procedures to be thoroughly followed to make sure that no mistakes are made. Every state has its own procedures and rules when it comes to selling a vehicle. They are essentially the same for all types of vehicles be it cars, motorcycles, trucks etc.  If your motorcycle has been used for over ten years, a transfer of title is involved. Otherwise in any other scenario a Bill of Sale will suffice. There are several steps to be followed before you can successfully sell your vehicle on another person. They need to be properly followed to aid proper selling.

When selling a motorcycle in Georgia the following steps are to be taken care of. It is important to be in the possession of your ownership documents that provide that you are indeed the true owner of the vehicle. First and foremost the buyer and the seller need to meet at an authorized dealer’s office or an agent to ensure that the title application completed correctly. Proof of ownership documents need to be present which include vehicle ownership documents that provide specific vehicle information to be collected by the manufacturer of the vehicle itself.  In the event of having financed your vehicle yourself in the past, a certificate of title will be held by your lien holder. In order to sell the vehicle you will have to get the original documents from your lien holder. If your motorcycle has not been used for more than ten years then you do not need a title transfer. It is important that you complete the sale by following all steps properly. If the vehicle is less than ten years old you will be required to include an odometer reading in the bill of sale. When selling a motorcycle in Georgia it is also important to obtain a certificate of vehicle emission inspection for the buyer.

If you follow all these steps properly then you should give your paperwork to the buyer so that he can visit his Country Tax Commissioner’s tag office to complete the transfer.

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