Selling Motorcycle in Illinois

The State of Illinois, despite severe winter weather is home to more than 200,000 registered motorcycle. Like cars, these motorcycles must be titled and registered with the Secretary of State’s (SOS) Office, in order for them to be legally driven in Illinois. There are no exceptions to these motorcycle-specific rules and more information can be obtained from the SOS Office.

If a motorcycle is bought from a licensed dealer then it he/she who does the necessary paperwork to have the motorcycle’s title transferred in the new owner’s name. The dealer also does the necessary paperwork for the motorcycle’s registration. It is he/she who collects the sales tax. However, used motorcycles for sale in Illinois aren’t unheard of and people do buy motorcycles from private parties. In that case, the following steps must be followed by the buyer in order to transfer the title of the vehicle and its registration:

  • Completed and dated Application for Title and Registration
  • The application can be obtained by contacting the Secretary of State Office
  • Establish that the buyer owns the motorcycle. This is done by showing the title of the motorcycle, properly filled in by the previous owner
  • The Odometer Disclosure Statement must also be properly filled in. The statement is on the back of the title
  • The buyer’s name and the vehicle identification number (VIN) should match (same on the application as well as the title)
  • Pay the required fee. The first time transfer of title of motorcycle fee is $65. An additional $38 will be charged to register the motorcycle and get the license plate. Registration will be for one-year and will require the owner to renew registration each year by paying $38
  • The buyer must also pay the sales tax. The tax amount will differ from county to county
  • The above mentioned documents will have to be submitted by the buyer/owner by visiting the SOS Office in-person or by mailing the same to the Office
Can you tell me about the private sale of motorcycle paperwork in IL?

When selling a motorcycle in IL, the seller must fill out a few forms and notify the local DMV office about his sale. Title transfer forms and release of liability forms must be filled out within 5 days of the transaction. If you want to learn more about the legal process and paperwork in detail, feel free to take a look at our website for information.

I am looking for motorcycles in Illinois for sale. How can I get a motorcycle license if I am below 18 years of age?

You will need to apply for a learner’s permit by completing a driver education course at your school. You can then apply for a motorcycle learner’s permit. Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) offers a free twenty-hour Motorcycle Rider Course that has to be completed as well. After this you will have to hold the learner’s permit for at least three months and then take the motorcycle road test at any local Secretary of State driver services office.

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