Selling Motorcycle in New York

According to the New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic law, a motorcycle is any vehicle with low speed and two to three wheels. This means that scooters and mopeds are also classified as motorcycles in the state. This means if you are planning on selling a scooter or a moped, you will also have to adhere to all the rules and regulations of selling a motorcycle in New York.

When you plan on selling your motorcycle, you need to take care of a few things, such as those mentioned below:

  •  Know your vehicle well. A seller who is knowledgeable about his vehicle comes across as credible and trustworthy. Also if the buyer knows more about your bike than you do, that gives them an unfair advantage when negotiating a price for it. So be sure that you are fully capable of explaining all the pros and cons of the motorcycle you are interested in selling.
  •  Have the ownership papers in hand and ready for transfer. These documents must have your name and the motorcycle’s VIN number on it.
  • You must also have all other relevant information regarding the bike you are selling such as a list of previous owners and the title status of the motorcycle, etc.
  • Also make sure you have the motorcycles Bill of Sale – a bill of sale includes the VIN# of the bike, its purchase price, names and signatures of both the buyer and seller.
  • Selling a motorcycle in New York requires you to have the bike certified by a mechanic, or clearly state “as-is”. Generally buyers prefer a certified vehicle since it comes with insurance and can be plated immediately.
  • It is also necessary for you to have an extra key, owner’s manual and other such things related to the bike at hand.

Just remember, the more thorough you are with the information you provide to customers about your bike, the better price you may get for it. It also helps to check with the local DMV for anything else you have to do such as transferring ownership title and paying off any liens on the motorcycle.

I am selling a motorcycle in New York. Is it advisable to furnish a vehicle history report?

Yes. As a seller you have the obligation to inform the prospective buyer about the true condition of your motorcycle including any repairs or damages that the vehicle has undergone. It will also serve as a proof if the motorcycle is in a good condition and can help obtain a better price.

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