Selling Motorcycle in Ohio

No matter what kind of a motorcycle you have, remember that there is a potential buyer out there. Selling a motorcycle is not complicated at all, as long as you know what you are doing.

If you are looking for information on selling motorcycle in Ohio, then check the state’s rules for the process. Find out about the documents or fees needed to complete the transaction. The state specific information is available at the DMV website.
To sell a motorcycle, first decide the asking price. The price should be reasonable. To determine the right pricing you can conduct a survey for the ongoing prices in the market of similar motorbikes, of the same year and make. You can easily do so from the convenience of your home by checking the websites that sell motorcycles.

You can give an advertisement in newspaper or on the popular sites. Be sure to give detailed information and highlight the good features of your bike. It is best if the asking price is mentioned, along with the fact whether it is negotiable or not. It can save you and the buyer a lot of time.

When the buyer comes for a test ride or to have a look, make sure that your bike is functioning properly. It is your choice if you want to provide the buyer with vehicle history report or not. Doing so, gives a positive image as the buyer has proof of the bike’s history and how it had been used in the past. Accurate information can help in the sale process and saves you the hassle of answering all the unnecessary questions. With the VHR (Vehicle History Report) report, the potential buyer can be convinced of the value of the bike.

If a deal is made, remember as the owner of the bike you have a few responsibilities to take care of. To close the deal make sure the paperwork is handled properly. To transfer the title in the buyer’s name, both you and the buyer will have to sign the existing title in front of a Notary Public. In Ohio the title needs to be transferred within 30 days of the purchase date.

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