Selling Motorcycle in Texas

If you are looking to sell your motorcycle in Texas, the most important thing is to do your research and decide a market competitive price for your motorcycle. You can visit the all state motorcycle value worksheet to get an evaluation on your bike and its ideal selling price in Texas.

Preparing the Bike for Sale

  • Once you are done researching the price, you need to get the bike ready for sale. Properly preparing your motorcycle for sale in Texas demands that you pay attention to a few of these details:
  • First and foremost clean your bike.
  • Take a look at any accessories you may have for your motorcycle. If you want to add these to the sale, make sure they are cleaned and working.
  • To help increase the value of the bike get minor scratches and dents repaired.
  • Tune the motorcycle so that it starts-up instantly. Also go through the T-CLOCS checklist and make sure the bike is safe to ride.
  • Think of all the factors you would want to check in a bike if you were the buyer, then take as many pictures of it to post on the websites you are advertising it on.
  • Collect and compile any service records or maintenance receipts you have of the bike to show to the buyer.

Post an Advertisement

Once you have prepared your motorcycle and ascertained its selling point, you are ready to advertise it. You can do this over a number of websites and even local newspapers. You may also want to talk to friends and family who can spread the word for you. Do not forget the following when composing your advertisement:

  • Clearly mention your expected price.
  • Mention the accurate mileage on the bike.
  • Provide all the relevant details about the motorcycle such as make, model, color, etc.
  • Mention the brand names of every accessory you have added to the motorcycle so far. This will also help increase the value of the bike.
My search on how do I sell a motorcycle in TX through a dealership, mentioned a Vehicle Transfer Notification. Can you give more information about it?

A title transfer is no required when selling you vehicle to a licensed motor vehicle dealer in Texas. The title will remain in your name until the vehicle is sold to some other individual. For the purpose of protecting yourself a Vehicle Transfer Notification must be submitted. DMV records will be updated to show that the vehicle has been sold and you will not be held responsible for any violations committed through that vehicle.

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