Selling Motorcycle in Virginia

For registration purposes, the state of Virginia like other states keeps track of all the vehicles being bought and sold by its residents. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that both the seller and buyer of a motorcycle follow certain legal formalities for their sale transaction to be considered legal in the state. Selling a motorcycle in Virginia is not a private affair between two individuals; relevant state authorities must be notified of the sale.
If you are the seller then complete the relevant sections of the vehicle’s title. Fill in the following information in Section A:

  • Sign your name
  • Name and address of the buyer
  • Odometer reading of the vehicle
  • Sales price

Hand over the title to the buyer and ensure that he/she fills in the required information regarding:

  • His/her name
  • His/her address
  • His/her signature

You must remove the license plates from the motorcycle. The buyer cannot use your license plates. You can either transfer the plates to another motorcycle that you’ve just bought or return them to any DMV customer service center. Or you may like to destroy them on your own. However, if you have full six months or more left in your motorcycle’s registration period, you may be eligible for a refund at the time of returning of the plates to DMV. You will have to file an Application for Vehicle Registration Refund Form (available online) to claim the refund. You will have to mail the license plates with the application.

You must also notify DMV of the sale. This can be done by visiting any local DMV office, calling a DMV office or by visiting The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website. In addition to notifying DMV, you must also notify the sale to your insurance provider. If you have bought another motorcycle, you may be able to transfer insurance coverage to it.

In short, it is highly advised that you inform your insurance provider and DMV with sale transaction; they must be on the same page. Otherwise due to misinformation and confusion your driving privileges may be suspended along with vehicle registration privileges.

My search on how do I sell a motorcycle in TX through a dealership, mentioned a Vehicle Transfer Notification. Can you give more information about it?

A title transfer is no required when selling you vehicle to a licensed motor vehicle dealer in Texas. The title will remain in your name until the vehicle is sold to some other individual. For the purpose of protecting yourself a Vehicle Transfer Notification must be submitted. DMV records will be updated to show that the vehicle has been sold and you will not be held responsible for any violations committed through that vehicle.

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