California Vehicle History Report

Importance of the California Vehicle History Report

A California vehicle history report is a blessing for someone who wants to buy a used car, but is not really sure of what they might end up getting. This is the best way of checking the car’s maintenance history, how many accidents it has been into, and basic information like the odometer reading, and other historical information. Being armed with the car’s history gives you an edge when it comes to negotiating the price. Knowing what amount of frame damage the car has sustained or if it was branded total could also help make or break the deal all together.

Also, it will provide you accurate information about the registration of the vehicle; this comes in handy when you love the car, but are unsure about the owner. Information concerning vehicle registration will set your mind at ease knowing that the vehicle is not stolen and the person selling the car is who it is registered to as well. If you come across any ambiguity concerning the registration of the car, then demand an explanation or simply walk away. Another thing to look out for is if the car was previously registered to an insurance company or salvage company; this means that the car you are about to buy was previously in a major accident or it was written off.

The next thing to check in the California vehicle history report is the odometer reading. Sometimes car owners will tamper the reading on the odometer to make it look like the car has not been driven as many miles as it really has. The California vehicle history report has the odometer reading, so compare that figure with the one on the car to make sure you are not being duped. If you find any discrepancy between the two readings or the reading on the car is not justifying the age of the vehicle or its signs of wear and tear, then you should think twice about buying the car.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is important to request a vehicle history report prior to buying the car. As ridiculous as it may come across, a lot of people request a California vehicle history report after they have bought the car, which in some cases is just too late.

How can I obtain a California vehicle history report dmv easily?

You can obtain a vehicle history report from the local DMV office near you. You will have to submit the vehicle identification number to get the report. This can also be obtained online, but the process may be slightly different. To find out more about how to apply for a history report, fell free to browse through our website.

In a California DMV vehicle history report, what is covered in the odometer check?

An odometer check detects any defects in odometers including odometer frauds and tampering. These can significantly lower the value, safety and functionality of your car. Some of the defects that will be detected are odometer roll backs, suspected mileage, broken odometer, and one that exceeds the limits. This will help in detecting any false representation of vehicle mileage by the seller.

How to check the mileage history of a car California?

You can check the mileage of a car by requesting a vehicle history report. You will need a VIN number of the car. You can then submit this VIN number to the local DMV office in California who will provide you a report. The report will include all kinds of information related to the vehicle such as car mileage, manufacturer, model, and accident/collision history.

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