Virginia Vehicle History Report

Before finalizing any deal regarding the purchase of a used vehicle it is imperative that you are fully aware of its functionality and safety. With a bit of research, prospective buyers can discover any hidden problems that will negatively impact the vehicle’s performance. Instead of doing this research yourself, you can conveniently order a vehicle history report (VHR) online from any reliable source by paying a nominal price.

You will have to provide the vehicle identification number in order to obtain a VHR. Every vehicle manufactured since 1981 is issued with a unique seventeen digit number. This number is used to review a vehicle’s history. It is composed of characters that denote the vehicle’s manufacturer, make and model. You can read it off from the hood, dashboard or engine and transmission parts.

The information contained in VHR comes from several public and private sources like title and registration records from the DMV, official reports from police or fire departments, and event history from insurance and auction companies. Some sources also dig into service records that keep track of things like oil changes and other maintenance work.

Virginia vehicle history report will provide information on every aspect that you would want to know. This report will contain title check that will disclose if the vehicle has ever been salvaged or rebuilt. Any damage resulting from fire, floods or storm will also show up. The odometer check will look for frauds like suspect mileage, broken or rolled back odometer. Most importantly the report will trace usage history that can tell if the vehicle was ever used by fleet or rental companies. If the vehicle has ever undergone any major accident that resulted in significant structural damage, that will also be unearthed.

Sometimes a car is bought back by the manufacturer if it has significant problems and is consequently classified by the Department of Motor Vehicles as a lemon. Your report will check if your prospective car has ever been branded as a lemon. You can also find information on the recall history. Once the report has spotted the problem areas, you can renegotiate the sale price with the seller.

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