Georgia Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number or VIN is the most important source of a vehicle’s identification. It would not be wrong to suggest that it carries the vehicle’s fingerprints or DNA. Found in the form of letters and numbers, the VIN provides clues to where the vehicle was built, year, model and manufacturer, in addition to other relevant information. Working like a Social Security Number (SSN), the VIN can trace a vehicle’s complete past, from the factory to the junk yard.

The Georgia vehicle identification number began to be required for all vehicles in 1981 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Before 1981, the VIN was usually 11 to 17 characters long. After 1981, the VIN consists of 17 characters. You can find your vehicle’s VIN on a variety of documents like registration, body shop records, recall reports, accident reports, insurance identification card and title.

It is important that you know where your vehicle’s VIN is. It is important to note down your vehicle’s VIN and save it somewhere safe and accessible. It will help the police recover your vehicle in case of theft, etc. Furthermore, the VIN will be required to obtain your vehicle’s history report. The potential buyer of your vehicle will be able to access the history report faster, making it easier for him/her to buy your vehicle, saving both you and him/her precious time.

So where is your vehicle’s Georgia vehicle identification number? If your vehicle was manufactured after 1968, the VIN may be located at the following sites:

  • At the front of the engine. Simply pop open the hood and look at the front of the engine block.
  • Underneath the spare tire.
  • At the driver-side doorpost where the seat belt return.
  • Inside the driver-side doorjamb.
  • At a rear wheel well.
  • At the front of your vehicle’s frame near the windshield washer fluid container.

If you are having a hard time finding your vehicle’s VIN, it is advisable that you call the dealership or the manufacturer. You may also consult your vehicle’s manual.

If a lost car is found in GA, is there any possibility of a Georgia dmv vin search for owner?

Yes, if a car has been found, one can find the owner of the vehicle through a VIN search. Law enforcement officers or officials from the DMV office have access to information about all registered vehicles in Georgia. This information is most likely to include the ownership details etc. If you want more information about this, look through our pages.

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