Massachusetts Vehicle Identification Number

For all cars purchased in Massachusetts, vehicle identification number is the most crucial information that you must report. This unique, 17-digit code is also known as the ‘DNA’ of the car and contains information valuable to the RMV. This number is also required on all other documents related to your vehicle, including your insurance policy.

The vehicle identification number contains the year the car was manufactured, the identity of the manufacturer, and the model of the vehicle. You can even use this code to pinpoint the exact point the car rolled off the assembly line! To put it briefly, this code is extremely important because it is unique to every car and used as a means of identification by law enforcers and government departments of transport alike.

As with other states, in Massachusettsvehicle identification number is required to be reported to the RMV and is recorded on the title document. This number is used to keep an updated vehicle history record. While the car can change ownership as many times as possible, the number will stay constant. If you are about to buy a vehicle anywhere in the United States, the vehicle identification number can allow you to instantly acquire a history report giving you a complete background of the vehicle’s usage. If your vehicle is stolen or lost, you can use the identification number to help law enforcers find it and ascertain the identity of the owner as well. Because of the importance of this number, it is imperative that it is consistent on all your documents and there is no error.

By law in Massachusetts, vehicle identification number must be easy to identify. The most obvious place to look is on the engine block at the front. Another location preferred by managers is the doorpost on the driver’s side of the car, where the door meets the seatbelt return.

On the surface, the vehicle identification number seems like gibberish which the layman would overlook. However, understanding its importance can help you in more ways than you would know. This little code truly is the DNA of the car.

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