North Carolina Vehicle Identification Number

For all cars in North Carolinavehicle identification number is an extremely important 17 digit code. In many ways, this is considered to be the DNA of the vehicle. It contains the complete information regarding your car’s make, model, year, and engine number. Using the vehicle identification number, you can pinpoint the exact moment when the car rolled off the assembly line.

For any vehicle in North Carolinavehicle identification number can be found on one of several specified locations. By state law, it is mandatory to place the number in a visible location on the car. Typically, this number is found at the front of the car frame, where the container carrying windshield washer fluid is also present. Otherwise, you can find it on the doorpost on the driver side, near the spot where the seatbelt returns. The most straightforward location to find this number is at the front of the engine block. If you have difficulty in finding this number, you should ask an experienced mechanic to check on your behalf.

There are many uses for this code in North Carolina. Vehicle identification number is required to obtain a complete vehicle history report if you are purchasing a used vehicle. Using this report, you can trace the background of the car and assess its value. Similarly, if your car is ever stolen, you can use the vehicle identification number to report and identify the car. Law enforcement agencies maintain a record of all stolen cars and their identification numbers, and work with the DMV to locate them.

It is absolutely important to have the same number present across all official documents pertaining to your car. Any inconsistency in the information is not only going to incur a tedious correction process, but will also result in fines and even criminal action. When purchasing a car, it is important to run the vehicle identification number against the DMV’s database, to ensure if it has not been reported missing or stolen.
Understanding the importance of the vehicle identification number can help you make better choices in buying cars and save you a lot of money.

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