New Jersey Vehicle Identification Number

The New Jersey vehicle identification number is used for several purposes. Primarily, it is used as a means of identifying each and every vehicle manufactured since 1981. It can trace the history of a vehicle as it goes through repairs and accidents as well as changes in ownership and usage. It is used by law enforcement agencies for identifying cars used in criminal activities, along with those that are lost and stolen. It is utilized by auto manufacturers for resolving safety recalls.

Most importantly a VIN is used for facilitating the process of buying and selling used cars. The seventeen-digit VIN will contain characters that indicate the country in which the vehicle was manufactured, the manufacturer, engine and body style, vehicle make, model, and a check digit to spot VIN frauds.

Prospective buyers of used cars must understand the value of the car they are buying. Sellers have the potential for withholding information on various issues that can directly impact the performance and safety of the vehicle. The VIN can unearth title information like salvaged or junked titles, odometer rollbacks, structural damage, lemon history and the number of recalls that the vehicle has endured.

The vehicle identification number must be obtained before paying for the vehicle. It is better to read it off the vehicle yourself. It can be found on the dashboard and is visible from the windshield. It is also printed on engine, hood and transmission and brake system. It is also mentioned in official documents like car title, insurance policies and police reports.

The VIN is used to obtain vehicle history reports. The information comes from public records like police and fire department reports as well as registration and title documents. The data is also collected from private sources like auction houses, insurance companies, and rental and fleet companies. These can spot whether the vehicle in question has ever been utilized as a commercial vehicle. Similarly it can detect if the vehicle was ever damaged by a storm, fire or flood.
The sellers of used vehicles can also make use of the VIN to speed up the process and to satisfy the buyers. It can also procure a good price if the vehicle has been consistently maintained in a good condition.

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