New York Vehicle Identification Number

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a seventeen digit structured code that provides invaluable information about the history of a vehicle. In accordance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) requirements, all vehicles made during or after 1981 must be issued a VIN in the state of New York as well as in all other states of America. This number is a combination of letters and numerals. Each character stands for a particular fact about the vehicle’s history and identity.

A VIN can be used to interpret what type of equipment the vehicle has or and also tells exactly how many owners the vehicle has had after coming off the assembly line. You would need to provide your New York Vehicle Identification Number if you need access to a vehicle history report in the state of New York.

A VIN is divided into four sections. The first section or the first three digits of the VIN identify the manufacturer, make and type of the vehicle in question. The second section consists of the next five digits and is known as the vehicle description part. It classifies the features of your vehicle like the brakes, power specifications, body style, and the restraint system type. The third part is the ninth digit of the VIN and is known as the accuracy check digit. This is helpful in uncovering VIN frauds. The last section details where and by whom the vehicle was built, the model year and the serial number of the vehicle.

A VIN is printed on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel, thus making it visible from the windshield. In addition to this, it can be found on component parts like the engine, radiator support bracket, front and rear bumper, driver post or door and on the dash plate by the window. It is also contained in official documents like the vehicle manual, insurance cards, and vehicle title and registration certificates. If you need further assistance, you should contact your local DMV office.
Vehicle owners are advised to keep record of their VINs, as they are a useful recovery tool in the event of auto theft. You can contact a crime prevention officer in New York to help you etch the VIN on the glass of your vehicle to minimize the threat of theft.

Do I need a NYS VIN specific insurance card or is out-of-state insurance also acceptable?

No, the laws of the state of New York clearly specify that all vehicle owners residing in the state have to have an insurance coverage that has been issued by an insurance company that has been authorized by the government to conduct their business there. Such an insurance agency also needs to be licensed by the New York State Insurance Department.

My search on New York state VIN check mentioned the decoding of a VIN. Can you explain it in detail?

Your vehicle identification number will contain information on a number of factors. For instance, the second part deals with the vehicle description. Brakes, body style, power plant and the restrained system type are explained. There is an accuracy check digit after that. Lastly, the serial number, model year and the place of origin is described.

I am wondering how to issue a new VIN to a recovered car from a flood. Will I have to apply for a completely new registration?

In most cases, the car does not require a new Vehicle Identification Number VIN if only minor repairs need to be made to the vehicle. However, in case the VIN plate has been destroyed, you can request your local DMV to issue a new VIN if you can demonstrate that there is a need for it. Please click on other links on our site for more details.

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