Pennsylvania Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number in Pennsylvania

All motor vehicles and motorcycles have vehicle identification numbers, also referred to as VINs. A VIN is the serial code of a vehicle. Every car’s vehicle identification number is unique. Each character in this number has a meaning behind it. When decoded, this can provide a lot of information about a vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) started issuing VINs for all vehicles in 1981. After 1981, all VINs issued had 17 characters.  A vehicle identification number in Pennsylvania will also have 17 digits.

It is interesting to find out the meaning attached to each character in a VIN.  Decoding the number gives you information about the car and its usage in the past. This number reveals a vehicle’s background, registration records and history information.

These 17 digits can give you a detailed report referred to as a vehicle history report or VHR. The use of vehicle history reports has become quite common, as it makes the buying process easier. If you need to buy or sell a car in Pennsylvania, it is best to look up a vehicle history report to avoid buying a lemon.  The report will contain authentic information about the car, which you may find very difficult to obtain otherwise. Even if you do manage to check everything on your own, you cannot be sure if your research was thorough enough or not. Many unforeseen problems can arise after the purchase, so it is in your interests to obtain and go through a vehicle history report.  You only need a vehicle identification number in order to get a vehicle history report.

You can find out the following information if you have your Pennsylvania vehicle identification number:

  • Vehicle’s model year
  • Vehicle’s manufacturer
  • The place the vehicle was built in
  • Any previous accidents or thefts that the vehicle was involved in
  • Vehicle’s make
  • Identify VIN fraud
  • Odometer reading
  • Vehicle’s title check

With all this relevant information at hand, you can easily figure out if the car you are buying is worth the asking price or not. You may also be able to negotiate a better price if you know a vehicle’s history.

How many digits is the vin number in PA motorcycles?

A motorcycle VIN in PA will entail 17 digits. The first three numbers represent the manufacturer of the vehicle, the next six digits represent the features and specifications of the motorcycle, and the last eight digits are basically the serial number that differentiates it from other motorcycles. Browse through our website for more information.

How does one go about doing a PA DMV VIN search?

For people residing in Pennsylvania who want to search a VIN, they first have to acquire the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the car in question and then use an online service for doing the search against that number. The VIN is not actually a number but a string of 17 alphanumeric characters and in most cases, the search results show up instantly.

How to find out who owns car by vin number in Pennsylvania?

If you need to find out who owns a specific vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania, you need to have the VIN number with you. However, you can’t request such data unless you have a valid reason such as suspicion of theft etc. You can provide this VIN number to the local DMV authority who will conduct a check and provide you with the relevant information.

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