Massachusetts Auto Insurance Requirements

Massachusetts being one of the most populous states has millions of automobiles on its roads and highways at one given time. To make driving a safe experience for all, the state has enacted specific automobile insurance laws which must be followed by all. In the state of Massachusetts, automobiles need to be registered in order to be legally driven on the state’s roads and highways and buying minimum insurance coverage is a part of the registration process. Those who are convicted of driving without appropriate automobile insurance coverage may end up having their driving privileges suspended along with incurring other penalties.

Minimum yet compulsory Massachusetts auto insurance requirements are:

  • Damage to someone else’s property – minimum $5,000 for property damage
  • Bodily injury caused by an uninsured automobile – minimum $20,000 per person or $40,000 per accident
  • Personal injury protection – covers the insurance holder up to $8,000, along with passengers, pedestrians or anyone else who has been allowed to drive the insurance holder’s automobile
  • Bodily injury to others – minimum $20,000 per person or $40,000 per accident

In Massachusetts, insurance rates will differ from company to company as some insurance companies may offer more attractive insurance rates than others. However, an automobile owner’s previous driving record will also make a big difference in determining his/her monthly insurance installment. Whatever the case may be, automobile insurance companies are not completely independent in determining their insurance rates as the rates must be approved by the Commissioner of Insurance.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your automobile insurance feel free to contact the Massachusetts Division of Insurance by calling them at 617-521-7777 or logging onto their website

The Massachusetts Division of Insurance also helps the residents of the state to locate an insurance agent. The division maintains The Massachusetts Division of Insurance Information Portal for Consumers website which in addition to providing the name of an insurance agent also helps the consumer compare auto insurance rates. This service has helped many choose the right insurance company with the best insurance rates.

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