Car Insurance In Alabama

Alabama Car Insurance 
Driving a car in Alabama is only legally allowed if you meet the state’s minimum requirement for financial responsibility. This means that you must purchase Alabama car insurance to provide yourself and other motorists’ ample protection in case you encounter an accident. The state enforces this law in order to create a safety net for all vehicle owners in the state, and to ensure that those driving in Alabama are responsible and mature drivers.
The state of Alabama decides the minimum coverage in car insurance that you must carry. However, most insurance agencies encourage customers to purchase a policy offering more coverage. While the state minimum helps you clear the requirement to drive your car, the amount may not be enough to protect your assets in the case of an accident. It is always recommended to work closely with an Alabama car insurance agency to accurately determine the kind of policy you need. Alabama requires all vehicle owners to carry the following minimum amounts:

  • $25,000 injury liability for one person
  • $50,000 for all injuries in one accident
  • $25,000 property damage in one accident

Purchasing car insurance takes a lot of stress of your mind. If you ever encounter an emergency, you will not need to worry about paying exorbitant amounts of money in medical bills or in the cost of your repairs. Failure to carry insurance documents or any proof of financial responsibility can result in heavy penalties and a suspension of your car’s registration. You will have to pay up to $200 for reinstating your registration and your license may be suspended for up to 4 months as well. Avoid this hassle by protecting yourself today.
There are two ways other than obtaining Alabama car insurance which can prove your financial responsibility. The first is obtaining a Motor Vehicle Liability Bond, and the second is a Certificate of Cash Bond. Both of these must be valued at no less than $50,000, which is a rather high amount. The benefit of car insurance is that you only have to pay a certain annual premium in order to avail the extended coverage, making it a wiser choice.

How can I qualify for cheap car insurance in Alabama?

Generally speaking insurance companies often offer cheap car insurance rates to those who have a good safety record, have no chargeable accidents, have a high credit score and are older than twenty five years old. Females also tend to qualify for lower rates. You can take a driving course; install safety features in your vehicle and improve your driving record by avoiding traffic violations in order to benefit from lower rates.

What are the various Alabama car insurance requirements? I don't want to be fined due to a violation

The law that governs all motor insurance aspects in your state is the Alabama Mandatory Liability Insurance Law. The law makes it illegal for any person to operate or register a motor vehicle on any road or a highway for that matter, unless and until they have liability insurance cover. Click on more links for details.

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