Car Insurance in Iowa

Insurance protects you from being financially responsible for an accident; although you have to pay monthly premiums it has a lot of benefits. Without insurance you have to pay for any medical bills or property damage caused out of your own pocket. Insurance provides you with coverage that protects you financially from any mishap. No matter how safe of a driver you think you are, you can never plan enough against unforeseen events. On the road everyone can make mistakes that can change your life. Insurance provides against property damage, personal injury and also if damage is caused to your car due to some natural disaster. It helps you make a safe driver and a responsible one too. All states usually make it a binding law for every vehicle owner to have auto insurance however some states don’t.

One such state is Iowa. It does not require you to have an insurance policy if you are a vehicle owner. However other administrative bodies d enforce this anyway. The ‘Financial Safety and Responsibility Act’ says that if a driver in case of an accident cannot provide proof of financial responsibility, his registration and license will be suspended. The only way to establish financial responsibility is to have liability insurance. Thus every driver in the state should have an Iowa Car Insurance. This is also important because Iowa law requires the owner and the driver of the car to show proof of financial responsibility. This means that if you have given your car to a friend, he gets into an accident, even though the accident maybe his fault, you will also be held liable if you don’t show any proof of financial responsibility.

Iowa Car Insurance covers collisions, comprehensive physical damage, property damage, body injury and uninsured motorist claims. There are several other kinds of coverage available too and the minimum amount requirements all on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the state of Iowa.  Thus even if it’s not a mandatory law, getting insured will only serve you in the better with protection and financial security so that in any unfortunate event you are able to handle things efficiently.

Are there any Iowa auto insurance requirements enforced by the state?

No, the state of Iowa does not require vehicle owners in the state to possess auto insurance. However, it does state specifically in Iowa code 321.20B that all drivers have to adequate financial responsibility so as to cover any liability incurred while driving. The Financial and Safety Responsibility Act of Iowa requires that you have coverage of either $20,000 for each person or $40,000 for every accident and at least $15,000 for covering property damage.

Is there any way of getting car insurance quotes Iowa online?

Yes, there are several companies and websites that offer services which enable vehicle owners to get the lowest possible car insurance quotes free. These online services are not affiliated with the Iowa Department of Transportation and are instead managed by private companies such as Allstate and AIG. Please click on more links on our site for further details.

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