Car Insurance in Kansas

Kansas is home to over 2.5 million registered cars and over 1.5 million licensed drivers.  The state has experienced a rise in the number of vehicle owners in the last couple of years. The department of motor vehicles in Kansas makes sure all public roads are safe to travel upon and that every driver is qualified to operate a vehicle. These safety measures have helped reduce the number of accidents and road fatalities. One may assume that having a registered car and a license is enough to drive legally in Kansas, but this is not true. Car insurance is another major requirement for all vehicle owners in Kansas. Car insurance is financial protection against personal loss or a risk in case you are in an accident. Car insurance is mandatory for all vehicle owners. It is one of the basic requirements for car registration. Without valid car insurance, it is impossible to get a car registered in Kansas.

In Kansas, car insurance is offered by a number of insurance agencies that work towards providing car owners with suitable coverage policies. Whether one is purchasing a car here or selling a car in Kansas, making sure the car is insured is mandatory. There are three basic types of insurance that one can get.

  • Liability insurance

Under this coverage policy, all damage that the driver is found responsible for is financially covered. However, this damage is only for third parties and not for the policy holder. Many people sign up for liability insurance in their coverage.

  • PIP (Personal injury insurance)

With PIP insurance, all medical and property/vehicle damage is financially covered. It is also known as no-fault coverage policy.

  • Uninsured/underinsured

This coverage policy covers all damage (bodily harm and vehicle damage) that is caused by any third party who is not insured or their coverage is not sufficient.

A car owner must make sure he or she notifies the department of vehicles when the insurance coverage policy expires. A driver should always keep proof of insurance at all times. This can be in the form of a self-insurance certificate or an insurance identification number provided by the insurance company. Failure to comply to insurance regulations can lead to a fine of $1000 or more.

Does the official DMV provide affordable auto insurance Kansas?

No, the governmental body does not deal in auto insurance, let alone in cheap and affordable insurance. For getting this kind of insurance, you have to contact private companies. Even then, it’s not just a matter of getting the lowest rates but ensuring that whichever policy you are getting has adequate coverage.

As I was trying to find a Kansas car insurance quote, I came across the minimum insurance requirements. Can you tell me about these?

In the state of Kansas, all vehicle drivers must have the following minimum insurance requirements: $50,000 for more than one person, $10,000 for property damage, and $25,000 for one person injuries. Insurance companies in this state offer a wide range of insurance policies to choose from. Look through our pages to find out more.

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