Car Insurance in Michigan

If any vehicle owner plans to drive in a state in USA  he or she requires car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory to have in all states of America. Although the requirements differ, it is important for every car owner to have insurance. Insurance protects the investment that you have made on your car; it protects you from spending all of your savings at once, it saves you from liability lawsuits, covers damages that you might incur in an accident and allows you to have driving privileges.

There is a variety of car insurance policies available that range from physical injury to comprehensive third party coverage.

In the state of Michigan, very strict insurance laws are instigated. The Secretary of State (SOS) of Michigan requires you to have a no fault insurance which makes your insurance company pay you even if the accident is your fault. A few states offer other forms of financial responsibility, but Michigan does not. It requires you to carry a Michigan Car Insurance with you at all times. It is important to have the policies available within Michigan. No out of state insurance policies are valid. Michigan Car Insurance entails minimum requirements of bodily injury and property damage protection. The state requires a minimum amount of each type of coverage, but it is generally advised that you take far above that because usually an accident will require more. This insurance will provide you with the coverage of medical bills, vehicle repair and all other damages that you may incur during your accident. Car insurance will thus save you from a lot of financial hassle and prevent you from spending heaps of money at one.

There are several penalties if you fail to produce evidence of your insurance. You will be required to pay heavy fines and your license and registration will be suspended immediately. Michigan has a computerized system of checking on all registered car owners as to whether you have car insurance or not. Failure to have any will result in a series of processes to be done all over again like registration, getting your license along with paying heavy fines and fees.

How can I find out about the availability of cheap car insurance in Michigan?

Finding cheap car insurance can be a bit tricky in Michigan owing to the higher than national average insurance rates. Furthermore, Michigan is also a “no-fault” state, which means that each and every driver is liable under law to possess adequate insurance coverage regardless of which driver was at fault during an accident. Click on more links on our site for additional details.

What are the Michigan car insurance requirements for demonstrating proof of insurance using a Smartphone?

As of May 2013, the state of Michigan allowed motorists to use their smart phones to give proof that they have sufficient auto insurance. This will do away with the need for carrying around the traditional paper certificate and required legislation for enabling the Secretary of State offices to accept an electronic proof of insurance and thus avoid a ticket for “No Proof of Insurance.”

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