Car Insurance in Missouri

Car insurance provides you with a safety net. All of us usually have our budgets made, salary spread out on what to spend on this month. With such little room for any other thing, emergency situations can take a toll on anybody who does not have an automobile insurance. If you get yourself in an accident there are heaps of payments to be made; medical bills, your vehicle repair bills, legislative bills and not to mention the other parties medical bills and other damages are to be paid if you are at fault. How will a person then deal with a sudden financial burden? Car Insurance provides you with the financial security you need in such situations. All states usually make it mandatory for all registered vehicle owners to have liability insurance.

Similarly, the state of Missouri requires that every registered driver have Missouri Car Insurance. The Department of Revenue (DOR) requires that before you start driving on public roads, every vehicle owner get himself some amount of liability insurance. As the main law is to prove financial responsibility, it also provides you with other alternatives e.g. depositing a bond of $60,000 with the DOR, self insurance, or a real estate bond. Missouri Car Insurance for private car owners entails a minimum requirement for different types of coverage.

These coverages are; bodily injury and property damages. There are various other coverage categories available and even these two are advised to be taken above minimum levels especially if you have a lot of assets. In Missouri when you register your car you also must sign an affidavit with the DOR ensuring that you will maintain this insurance throughout the registration period.

It is essential that while driving in the state you keep a proof that shows you have insurance. If stopped by an officer you will be asked to show your insurance card along with your registration and license. The failure to show any proof whatsoever will result in heavy fines or even in severe cases the suspension of your license and registration. Thus it is essential to have car insurance to enjoy driving privileges in Missouri.

How can I determine the level of cheap car insurance in Missouri?

In order to determine whether the car insurance being offered by a company is really cheap or not, you can compare the quotes with those of other companies. You can also use the average annual premium paid by other car insurance subscribers. In the case of Missouri, this is around $1,160 as of December 2011. Please see other sections of our site for more details.

What kind of Missouri auto insurance requirements have been established by the state's motor vehicle's department?

The laws of Missouri mandate that all drivers and owners of motor vehicles have carry sufficient proof of auto insurance. The minimum coverage levels as set by the state are $ 25,000 for each person receiving injuries, fatal or otherwise, in an accident, $ 50,000 for bodily injuries received in each accident and $10,000 for damage to property.

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