Car Insurance in Pennsylvania

The requirement of car insurance in Pennsylvania may seem excessive to some, but it has to be admitted that driving on the road may result in some unfortunate costs like accidents and collisions. Your insurance company will pay for the physical injuries and car damage inflicted by the accident as long as you make regular premium payments on the insurance that you have bought.
Car owners have to meet the following minimum liability requirements in Pennsylvania when they apply for car registration:

  • A physical injury limit of fifteen thousand dollars per person
  • Total physical injury limit of thirty thousand dollars for more than one person
  • Property damage limit of five thousand dollars

Car owner can opt for a much higher insurance coverage. Also there are many different types of coverage now available to opt from. Customer services offered vary according to the insurance company. How you file for a claim will also depend upon the typical insurance provider.
An acceptable proof of insurance has to be submitted to PennDOT. This must mention the insurer’s name and address, the vehicle identification number, car make and body style. The insurance company’s name and effectual and termination dates need to be detailed as well. A policy number is required only on the insurance identity card but not on a copy of a valid binder of insurance or Pennsylvania Assigned Risk Plan Application. The last two are acceptable as long as they are duly signed by an insurance agent.
Minimum financial responsibility requirement has to be maintained at all times not just at the time of registering your car. If you are caught driving without a proof of insurance, you will be fined a minimum of three hundred dollars. It can also lead to a suspension for three months of your driver’s license and registration. The reinstatement will cost fifty dollars each.
An alternative to buying car insurance is being self insured. A finished application for self-insurance along with your income statement and current balance sheet will have to be submitted to PennDOT. You will need to make a security deposit of fifty thousand dollars for your car (in the form of cash or other acceptable collateral).

What determines how cheap car insurance in Pennsylvania can be?

The minimum requirements for insurance coverage are what determine how cheap insurance quotes can be in Pennsylvania. These are $15,000 for covering the bodily injury or accidental death caused to each person in an accident and $30,000 for covering the multiple accident victims. $5,000 is required for covering any and all property related damage caused in an accident. Please click on other links on our site for more details.

How does PennDOT communicate Pennsylvania car insurance requirements to vehicle owners?

PennDOT sends a notification to all Pennsylvania registered owners regarding the requirement for carrying insurance all the time. This is indicated in a statement that is mentioned below the address line in the application for registration renewal. On first-time purchase, a similar statement is given towards the bottom of application for the new title.

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