Tennessee Car Insurance

Unlike other states, in Tennessee, car insurance is not necessary when you register your car or renew your license. However, carrying insurance on you is a legal requirement, and there are penalties for not complying with the law. Car insurance is enforced by the Department of Safety as a means of creating a safer driving environment for yourself and other motorists.

There are two ways by which you can prove you have car insurance. The first of these is to make a cash deposit with the Department of Safety for a fixed amount. The second is to purchase liability insurance from an authorized agency. In both these cases, the state has set a minimum legal requirement that you must meet in order to legally drive your car. Most insurance agencies will recommend you to opt for a policy which offers more coverage than the minimum. This is a prudent move, because you can never anticipate an accident, and it is better to know you have more financial security than pay exorbitant costs in medical fees and car repairs.

The minimum amount of liability insurance that you must carry is:

  • $25,000 for one injury or death
  • $50,000 for all injuries or deaths
  • $15,000 for property damage

You can also opt for additional customized options if your budget allows, which will protect your assets more completely. Unless cost-cutting is your priority, opt for a policy which offers added security.

Tennessee car insurance laws state that driving without car insurance is an offense which is punishable by law. The basic penalty involves a fine of $100, with more severe punishments being a suspension of your driving license and a bar on your ability to renew your vehicle’s registration. Reinstating these privileges requires added time and money, which is a hassle you are better off avoiding.

Remember, driving is a privilege that you must earn. If you are not responsible enough and drive without insurance, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in financial danger. Spending some time working with an insurance agent can help you secure the long-term protection you need, letting you focus on driving on the roads in a more relaxed manner.

What can you tell me about Tennessee car insurance requirements?

Car owners in Tennessee need to prove financial responsibility by getting their vehicle insured. The minimum requirements for car insurance in this state are: $25,000 for injury/death, $50,000 for total damage per accident, and $15,000 for property damage per accident. These requirements have been set by the state’s department of motor vehicles.

To qualify for the cheapest car insurance quotes Tennessee, what do I have to do?

There are many insurance companies in this state that provide cheap coverage options to vehicle owners. The quotes you may qualify for can be affected by your driving record, student status, and credit history. You can get discounts if you have a stable credit history. More information about insurance requirements can be found on our page.

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