Car Insurance in West Virginia

In West Virginia, car insurance is something you must obtain in order to drive legally within the state. It is very important because you cannot register your vehicle or renew it without showing proof of insurance. It reflects your financial responsibility as a driver, and helps contribute to a safer driving environment for all motorists.

The only way to obtain car insurance is by purchasing a policy from an authorized insurance agency. If you wish to confirm the status of an insurance company, you can request information from the West Virginia Insurance Commissioner, which can easily confirm for you. The state has set a fixed a particular amount of liability insurance which is the minimum you must meet in order to legally operate your vehicle. These amounts are set at:

  • $10,000 for property damages
  • $20,000 for one accident, one injury or death
  • $40,000 for one accident, two injuries or deaths

Though these are the minimum requirements, you are always recommended to evaluate your list of assets before committing to a policy. The state’s minimum may let you clear the legal requirement, but it may not be enough protection for you. Working closely with an insurance agent can help you choose a policy that is most suited to your needs. While the premiums may be slightly more expensive, you can be sure that you are getting additional financial security to protect yourself. You can never predict an accident, and having extra insurance allows you to avoid the stress of paying huge costs in medical bills and automobile repairs.
West Virginia car insurance allow for harsh penalties against those who fail to provide proof of insurance. First time offenses can result in a suspension of your vehicle’s registration. Reinstating this will cost you $100, and possibly an additional $150 if the DMV sends the state police a secure order on your license plate. Additionally, you can have your license suspended for 30 days; reinstating this will cost an additional $50. The process is also tedious and time-consuming for you. You should take time to review your options and purchase car insurance, so that all you have to concentrate on is driving safely.

How can I meet the minimum requirements for WV vehicle insurance?

The minimum amount of coverage that all registered drivers are required to carry are physical injury limit of $20,000 for one accident involving one person, $40,000 for one accident involving injuries to more than one person. An additional $10,000 for property damage is also needed. You must also always carry a proof of insurance (Certificate of Insurance WV-1) in your vehicle.

My search on cheap car insurance in West Virginia led to the mention of Electronic Insurance Verification Program (WVOLV). Can you tell me more about it?

This program is designed by the DMV to verify vehicle insurance online. The main aim is to make this verification available instantly at the time of vehicle registration and monthly verifications. It will also be used by law enforcement officers at traffic stops and crash sites to verify the insurance status of drivers.

Are there any West Virginia auto insurance requirements at the minimal level?

All registered vehicles must be insured in the state of West Virginia with at least the minimum amount coverage. This involves $20,000 for injury in one accident, $40,000 for more than one injury in one crash and $10,000 for property damage. You must also carry a Certificate of Insurance (WV-1) in your car at all times as a proof of insurance.

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