California Insurance Claims

California Auto Insurance Claims: How they Work

California auto insurance claims are just as complicated as anywhere else in the world. Making an insurance claim in California and getting results is no small feat. In fact, making an insurance claim is one thing, convincing your auto insurer to honor that request is a completely different ball game. So before you get into an endless hassle with your auto insurer for reimbursement on a minor repair, get to know how the process works, and what steps your insurance company will be taking once the ball is in their court.

After you have filed an insurance claim in California, the insurance company will dispatch an investigator who is usually called an adjustor or appraiser. The adjustor is supposed to objectively assess the damage done to the vehicle and the claim filed for the damage to determine if the claim and the cost of repairs is justifiable or not. This is done to prevent insurance fraud by people who might be tempted to inflate their bills to make more money. Generally the adjustor or appraiser’s evaluation of the situation is taken by the insurance companies as the final word on the insurance claim.

There are many instances where the insurance company will not agree to an insurance claim, and there are a few reasons why the insurance company will deny a claim. One reason that insurance claims can be denied is if the claimant’s premium has not been paid in full. Another reason could be that the auto policy may not have been active anymore. Claims may be denied because another insurance company has already agreed to pay for the damages, or that the reason for the damage listed in the claim does not fall under the covered conditions. Make sure to check your insurance policy thoroughly to make sure that the damage you are filing the claim for qualifies for benefits you are demanding. Remember that if it is discovered that the damage to the vehicle was due to your own carelessness or some unavoidable “Act of God”, the insurance company will not be held responsible and has the right to deny your claim.

Keep in mind that an insurance claim is the only official way of applying for benefits; however, it is up to the insurance company to assess the situation and decide what to do about it. Until then it is just a claim and not exactly a guarantee of payment.


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