Ohio Auto Insurance Claims

In Ohio it is illegal to drive a vehicle without carrying proper proof of financial responsibility. An auto insurance is a proof of financial responsibility. Getting a bond is another way of showing that the vehicle complies with the state’s mandatory financial responsibility laws. Those who drive in violation of the law may find their driving privileges suspended along with other penalties such as fines.
The procedure for filing auto insurance claims in Ohio is laid down in the policy holder’s insurance policy guide. A policy holder can usually file for an insurance claim online, by calling an insurance company’s number or through an insurance agent. A policy holder can make an online account with his company making it easy for him/her to:

  • File a claim
  • View the status of his/her claim
  • Manage his/her account online regarding receiving and paying bills, etc.

A policy holder also has the option of calling the company’s national helpline where representatives are available round-the-clock, 7 days a week. This does not mean that an insurance agent is available all the time.
The Ohio Department of Insurance however informs the auto insurance policy holders that they have the right to:

  • Use any arbitration procedures outlined in the insurance policy
  • Negotiate with the insurance company’s adjuster
  • Entitled to speedy and good-faith settlement offer as outlined in the insurance policy
  • Choose a body shop for the vehicle’s repair (the right may be restricted by the insurance policy)

While the policy holder has rights against the insurance company, the insurance company has rights too. For example:

  • A policy holder cannot file fraudulent or phony claims, asking the company to pay for the damages that never occurred. This is considered to be a crime.
  • A policy holder must immediately notify the company in case of lawsuits or claims that require payment by the company.
  • A policy holder must pay for losses that exceed the limits of the policy.
  • A policy holder must cooperate with his/her company’s investigation process.
  • A policy holder must notify his/her company about any accident.

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