Washington Auto Insurance Claims

It is hard to imagine how you would possibly react in an event of an accident. Bewildered and shocked; that is exactly how an accident makes you feel. Having the knowledge about what to do and what not to in the event of an accident is absolutely essential especially when you know how the roads of Washington are always clogged with hundreds of cars making it more likely for the accident to occur. With the recent increase in the number of accidents the state of Washington has made it mandatory upon all vehicle owners to get their vehicles insured. An accident makes you nervous and you might find yourself totally out of sorts. It is important to stay calm at that moment, not taking liability at all until all has been cleared since it might harm your case.

The state of Washington has made it mandatory for all vehicle owners to have their vehicle insured and to carry with them a proof of auto insurance at all times. Washington auto insurance claims are looked over by each party’s insurance companies. After the accident you will have to make an insurance claim where you will be asked to complete an insurance claim worksheet outlining the sequence of the events that occurred at the accident. The other party’s insurance company will reach you as well investigating about the series of incidents that took place before the final accident and the sequencing of the incidents as well.

However your insurance company will be supporting you at all times as your advocate even if you are at fault. You will also be required to tell your policy number, date of the accident, location of the accident, description of how the accident occurred, name, vehicle number, license number and other information that you will be required to disclose. Your insurance company will then send one of their representatives who will then investigate the claim and see if it covers your policy. Investigators will then evaluate your vehicle and take care of the rest of the formalities including the repairing estimates.

The information mentioned above is necessary for all the drivers in Washington to be aware of in case they get into an accident.

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