Georgia Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance makes certain that you will be able to cover some of the financial costs involved in the event of an accident. All two or three wheeled vehicles that have an engine of more than or equal to fifty cc and that can travel at more than thirty miles per hour, will qualify as motorcycle. Similarly, a two wheeled vehicle will be described as a motorcycle if it is designed for legal highway use.

The minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance in Georgia have to be met before applying for motorcycle registration. The liability insurance must include physical injury coverage of twenty five thousand dollars per individual, fifty thousand dollars in physical injury coverage per accident involving more than one person and a property damage coverage of twenty five thousand dollars per accident. Customers can opt to purchase a much higher level of coverage depending upon their budget. This will mean that premium payments are proportionately larger. You can also select some of the optional coverage like mechanical breakdown insurance, towing and labor coverage, emergency road service coverage etc.

Once you purchase an insurance policy, that information will be submitted electronically to a statewide database by your insurance carrier. Still, you should always keep a written proof of insurance with you while operating your motorcycle. This can be an insurance card, an insurance binder, bill of sale or the declaration page. The insurance binder, bill of sale and the declaration page will only act as proofs of insurance for usually thirty days until the Motor Vehicle Department receives the electronic submission. If you are opting for self-insurance, make sure that you have the Certificate of Self-Insurance and the self-insured insurance information card issued by the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

As in other states, you will be penalized for riding without establishing the financial responsibility. Although the penalties will vary with the frequency of your violation, they will include a lapse fee of twenty five dollars and a reinstatement fee of up to one hundred and sixty dollars. Your license can even be suspended for up to six months. You will not be allowed to operate the motorcycle during the suspension period and if you do, you will face misdemeanor charges.

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