New York Motorcycle Insurance

The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) is a state-run local organization of high stature that is popular among people for providing them with useful information and services regarding their vehicles and automobiles. Whatever problem a vehicle owner encounters, NY DMV will assist him/her to take care of it. Ranging from registrations to insurances, the DMV caters to everything. It is required by law that whenever a particular person purchases a vehicle of any type, be it a car for private use or a big truck for transporting goods or a small motorcycle, he/she has to get it insured. Thus, the DMV New York also provides useful information to its residents regarding insurance policies and their requirements according to their vehicle types.

The DMV aims at providing information that is cost-effective and meaningful for the general public. Information pertinent to New York motorcycle insurance can also be easily obtained from the DMV, either by visiting the office or online. Purchasing motorcycle coverage is similar to purchasing auto insurance but with a few different factors which must not be ignored. These may also earn you some discounts that you might otherwise ignore. Rules differ for bikes with after-market accessories, or if the bike is a vintage bike. Moreover, the state does not call for its residents to always purchase extensive insurance. In fact, the law only requires owners to obtain motorcycle liability insurance. Motorcycle owners have three minimum liability insurance options available to them:

  • $10,000 – for damage to property
  • $25,000 – for injuries to one individual
  • $50,000 – for injuries to all involved

The DMV also aids people in deciding the right kind and the correct amount of coverage to purchase and also helps them in comparing and choosing the accurate New York motorcycle insurance quotes that fit their budget and coverage needs. It ensures that the information people are receiving helps them to get the most out of their motorcycle insurance. The DMV also provides them with semantic information and tips that can help people save a lot of money and provides them with leads to places that offer lower rates of New York motorcycle insurance.

Does one always have to have insurance on motorcycle in NY?

Yes and no. Whenever you are riding a motorcycle on the streets of New York, you have to have appropriate insurance coverage on you. Furthermore, you have to apply for insurance coverage with a company that has been licensed to do business in the state. Keep on browsing our site for more details.

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