Ohio Motorcycle Insurance

In the state of Ohio, drivers are not required to submit a proof of insurance at the time of vehicle registration; rather they only have to sign a statement declaring that they meet the state’s criteria of minimum requirements
Ohio motorcycle insurance requirements include a physical injury coverage of twelve thousand and five hundred dollars for one person, with twenty five thousand dollars allotted for a single accident that injuries more than one person. In addition, there is property damage coverage of seven thousand and five hundred dollars. Higher insurance coverage is optional. If you decide not to purchase an insurance policy, you must be able to provide a satisfactory proof that you will be able to meet the above stated amount of damages.
Under the Random Selection program, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) randomly selects drivers or riders and sends them a letter asking to provide proof of financial responsibility. This law was designed after the law enforcers found that people in other states purchase an insurance policy just before registration and cancel it immediately after receiving the registration.
Financial responsibility can be proved by mailing either of the following to the Ohio BMV Insurance Processing Center:

  • Current insurance policy or insurance identification card;
  • BMV certificate of self insurance (available only to individuals or organizations having no less than twenty six vehicles);
  • Surety bond certificate of thirty thousand dollars issued by a certified surety corporation;
  • BMV certificate declaring that you have no less than $30,000 in government bonds or cash deposited with the State Treasurer;
  • Section A of a State Crash Report.

Those convicted of DUI for the first time can also present BMV Form 2083 or BMV Form 2702 as a proof of insurance coverage.
Failure to establish your financial responsibility will result in the suspension of driving privileges for a period of ninety days. Repeat offenders can face a suspension of one to two years. Your registration and license plates may be confiscated until you serve out the suspension period. For the return of your driving privileges you will have to file and retain an SR-22 or bond for three years on your first offense. This will increase to five years if you commit the offense again. You will also need to submit the proof of insurance or financial responsibility and pay the reinstatement fee.

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