Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance

A motorcycle is just like any other vehicle when it comes to motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania. Drivers need to have motorcycle insurance covering the minimum financial responsibility requirement at the time of applying for registration as well as at all other times. This will ensure that should you be involved in a car accident or crash, your insurance company will fulfill the costs involved.
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) classifies all vehicles that operate with less than three wheels in contact with the ground as motorcycles. Also if you own a vehicle that has a less than or equal to five-brake horsepower engine, or a cylinder capacity of fifty cubic centimeters or less, a maximum speed limit of twenty five miles per hour and an automatic transmission, it will fall under the category of motorcycles.

Minimum liability coverage is mandatory. This comprises of a physical damage limit of fifteen thousand dollars per person, for more than one individual the total physical injury limit of thirty thousand dollars and property damage limit of five thousand dollars. In addition to this several optional insurances are now popular amongst riders. These include roadside assistance coverage, safety equipment coverage and accessory coverage. You can pick one that suits your needs and budget. Premium rates vary hugely and often determine the quality of customer care services that are passed on.

If you decide to go on road uninsured, you must be prepared for several penalties. These include a more than or equal to three hundred dollars fine for driving uninsured, a suspension of license and registration for at least three months and consequently the reinstatement costs of license and registration amounting to fifty dollars each. You will also have to submit a valid proof of insurance to PennDOT.
If you choose not to buy an insurance coverage, you can self insure your vehicle. This involves filing an application along with an up to date balance sheet and income statement and submitting a security deposit of fifty thousand dollars with PennDOT. If you want to self insure more than one motor cycle, each additional one will require an extra ten thousand dollars of security deposit.

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