DMV Lost Vehicle Title Replacement California

How to Replace a Lost Vehicle Title in California. If you have lost your vehicle title in California, you need to learn the specific steps to replace your lost vehicle title so that you can begin to drive legally again.

Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any worse, it does. You lost your homework, your dog, and your mind – and then you lost your title. And while it might not matter at this particular second, you need that title if you ever want to sell your car to someone else. It’s a pretty important piece of paper, okay?

Here’s How to Replace a Lost Vehicle in California

Like all legal things, you need to fill out a form to get started: Application for California Duplicate Title (REG 227) form. This form can also be used to get a duplicate title as opposed to a replacement, so make sure you’re clear what you’re actually signing up for when filling things out. Again, ask that all too friendly DMV agent to guide you to the proper process. Now, once you have that form filled out, you need to have it notarized in order to prove you are the person who is signing it and giving the proper information on that form. You can find a notary public in the phone book.

Once you have your form all pretty and ready, it’s time to go to the local DMV office to turn in your form. Or you can mail it to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Vehicle Registration Operations
P.O. Box 942869 Mail Station E254
Sacramento, CA 94269-0001

Of course, there is a fee for this service — $17 for the title and $1 for a new license plate thingamajig. If you are just changing a name on your title, then you don’t have to pay up. Whew.

Is getting a CA DMV car title replacement a difficult process?

Not really. Just as there are certain steps to be taken when a car title is issued for the first time, there are for getting one replaced. After getting hold of a REG 227 form which is basically the Application for California Duplicate Title and getting it notarized after filling in all the required details, you can simply submit it with the applicable fee.

How can I replace my California DMV lost title?

There are four basic steps that you have to complete in order to get a duplicate title issued in case of a lost California DMV title. The first involves completing the REG 227 that is the Application for California Duplicate Title form and then having it notarized. If there is a lienholder in your title then you have to them complete a REG 256 Statement of Facts and submit that as well.

Is the California DMV lost title fee similar for all vehicles and are there any other requirements as well?

No, the fee for a California DMV lost title varies from case to case and from vehicle to vehicle. The fee for a regular certificate titles is $19, and other requirements for getting a duplicate title issues include the owner’s full name, their current address as well as the license number.

What kinds of documents or details are required for getting a lost California DMV vehicle title replaced?

Before doing anything else, you need to do to go the California DMV’s website and download the “Application for Duplicate Title Form.” Next, you need to state the owner’s full name, their current address as well as their driver license number. Finally, it is very important that the legal owner of the vehicle signs the statement of facts and the form is notarized.

I am not clear about the connection between the California DMV, lost title or duplicate fees. What are the steps that I need to take in order to get a duplicate vehicle title as I have lost my original one?

The California DMV will provide you with the “Application for Duplicate Title Form.” You can also download this form from their website. After filling in the relevant details such as the owner’s full name, address and the number of their driving license, this form needs to be signed by them as well be notarized by a public official before submission.

Can I just go the nearby DMV office and submit the California duplicate title replacement fee and then get one issued to me?

Yes, you can very well do that but firstly you need to get hold of the “Application for Duplicate Title Form” and fill it out accordingly. You need to have the legal/true owner of the vehicle sign against the statement of facts and then also have it notarized before a duplicate title can be issued.

Does the DMV office offer California lost titles replacement services?

Yes, most of the DMV offices situated in California can help you if you have lost a title. You will have to fill out an Application for Duplicate Title Form. This form is easily available at the local DMV office. Apart from this form, you will also have to prove your identity and residency. The application can be submitted through mail, email, or in person. Get more information about this on our page.

What is the application form needed for a California replacement auto title?

The form you have to fill out to get a title replaced is known as an Application for Duplicate Title Form. This can be filled out online ta at the official website for the DMV office in your locality, or can be filled out and submitted in person at the office. You will have to provide other documents such as identification card, car registration papers, and residency proof.

Can you tell me about the California replacement title process?

If you are a resident in California and need to replace a title, the process is as follows: fill out an application for duplicate title form, provide information related to your car registration, residency, and identification. The form can be filled out online or at the local DMV office. Learn more about the process on our page.

How much is the fee for a car title replacement CA dmv?

You will have to pay a $17 for the title replacement. The DMV office in California will allow you to make the payment through cash, credit card, check, or money order. The process may involve a little paper work. Take a look on our pages and find out what the process is like and what applications you will need.

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