California DMV Motorcycle License Renewal

How to Renew or Replace a Motorcycle License in California. Renewing or replacing a motorcycle license in California is a process which can take place online, through the mail, or at the DMV office, depending on your unique license situation.

You’ve been riding the open highways of California, and you just noticed between trips to the ocean that your motorcycle license has expired. Remembering the hassle it was to get it in the first place, it’s a bit tempting to be the bad ass that your bike says you are – and just not get it renewed. But maybe you shouldn’t rebel in this case. After all, jail time doesn’t really do a lot of good for your bike.

Quickly Renew or Replace a Motorcycle License in California

Just like a driver’s license in California, if your information has stayed the same since you got your license, you can easily mail in your renewal or go do the work online. Just mail your renewal information – DL 410 FQ (and check) to:

Department of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Renewal By Mail Unit
PO Box 942890
Sacramento, CA 94290-0001

The renewal fee varies depending on the bike you have, the place where you live, and how late you are in getting your renewal completed. 

Replacing a motorcycle license means you need to take your bike over to the DMV and wait in line. Oh, leave the bike outside, of course. You will need to fill out a DL-44 again and present verification of your identity as well. The good news is that you have lost your motorcycle license within 60 days of it being renewed, you can simply renew it. You’ll just be renewing it really early, for once.

A Few Rules on How to Renew or Replace a Motorcycle License in California

You can renew your motorcycle license online or by mail if it is not expiring in the next 60 days. You need to be under the age of 70 upon the date of expiration. You can not have any suspensions on your record or be in a probation period. After two consecutive five year extensions on your license, you will need to go into the DMV offices.

Look, it’s not that bad to renew or replace your motorcycle license. And if you want to keep riding, you need to play by the rules. Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone you’re a law-abiding biker.

How can I renew my motorcycle license?

If your license has been expired and you are looking to renew it then the process is very easy and simple. Just mail your renewal information or can do this online. Mailing address with complete information is available on the website. You can also contact us for more assistance, if required.

Is there any CA dmv m1 renew process online?

Yes, you can renew your license online by filling out a form online at the official website. However, if you have received a notification through mail, you may have to visit the office in person for a license renewal. Online services for license renewal are not offered by all DMV offices in California. Find out more on our pages.

Is a CA motorcycle license renewal only possible in person or can it also be done via mail?

Yes, a motorcycle license renewal in California can also be done via mail. However, for that to happen, you have to fulfill some important requirements. Firstly, there should be 61 or more days left till your motorcycle license expires. You should also be less than 69 years of age and there should be no suspensions, court violations or probations on your record. Most importantly you should not have had any consecutive renewals via mail before either.

I want to renew my driving license. Are there any requirements for California DMV renewal by mail unit?

Yes. You can renew your license via mail only if you are not under driving suspension or probation at the moment and you have renewed your license by mail consecutively only twice. Furthermore your license should expire in less than or equal to 60 days and your age must be 69 years or less when it expires.

Will I have to take the test again for California m1 license renewal?

No, you do not have to take any test again for the purpose of license renewal. All you have to do is fill out a renewal form online or at the DMV office, pay a renewal fee, and that’s about it. However, if your license has been suspended for any reason, you will have to go through the license application process from scratch; this means you will be required to take the test.

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