Los Angeles DMV Change of Address

DMV Change of Address Los Angeles

If you change the mailing address for your vehicle, driver’s license and identification card, it is very important to notify the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) of this change. The California DMV requires that you notify them within ten days of making the change.

DMV Change of Address: Los Angeles
The state of California requires vehicle owners to fill out and submit a form to notify them of a change of address. This form is available on the state government’s website and needs to be filled separately for each driver or vehicle owner. It is very important that the names on this form match the names already available with DMV.

This form should then be mailed to the DMV office in Los Angeles. You may also drop it off with them in person. Some people also choose to file for an online address change but many find this to be more inconvenient than otherwise.
After your address is changed in the DMV records, you are issued an Address Change Certificate that you are required to carry with you. A change of address with DMV does not change the address on your driver’s license. If you want to change your address there, you will have to apply for a duplicate driver’s license with the new address. Standard fees will apply.

New York State: Drivers’ License Change of Address
If you are in New York and have recently changed your address, you need to notify the DMV immediately. This process is free of cost. However, notifying the DMV of a change in your address does not make you eligible for a new driver’s license automatically. Many drivers may continue using their old license and either write down their new address on its back or carry a DMV issued Address Change Certificate with it. You do not need to notify the DMV of a temporary address change, like if you are going to school.

If you, however, want to obtain a new license with your changed address on it, you will have to pay for it. A regular license will cost you $17.50 and this can be paid by check, money order or credit card depending on how you are applying for it – through mail or phone.

Is there an internet-based system for DMV change of address 90020? What are its drawbacks, if any?

Yes, the official website of the California DMV can be used to apply for a change of address in Los Angles 90020. This is valid for both driver’s licenses and ID cards. However, if you use the online system for changing your address, you will not be able to renew your license via the internet based process. Please see other sections on our site for additional information.

Are there any situations where I might not be able to use the Los Angeles DMV change of address online process? What do I have to do when such a situation arises?

There are certain records that may require special attention or handling. So if you are trying to update such information, the online system may return a message that states that you cannot submit the request for the change of address. In this case, you can fill out the DMV 14 (Change of Address) and then mail it on the listed address.

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