San Francisco DMV Change of Address

Hauling furniture from one location to the other is not the only hassle ones goes through when moving in San Francisco. For many, applying for a change of address with the local DMV can pose to be quite a bit of a challenge. However, with the relevant knowledge and guidance along with a handful of tips can make this task quite manageable.

San Francisco Change of Address

The San Francisco DMV facilitates vehicle owners and other locals to change their address with regards to a number of documents. These include a California Driver License, the registration for your vehicle or vessel as well your identification card. The change of address is only acceptable in case of a permanent one, and temporary mailing addresses are not valid.

The Online Change of Address System

The San Francisco service center, working under the directive of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, offers its customers the option of applying for an address change via an online portal. Typically, all those that possess a California-based driver license and have their ID cards issued within the state can use this system. However, the condition that has to be fulfilled is that of being a certified DMV user.  Although there are no fees of any sort when using the online system for address change, there are still certain documents that you need to have when using the system.

  • You must have your old as well as your new address with you.
  • Your latest registration card(s).
  • If you leased your vehicle, you should know the name of your leasing company.
  • If it’s a trailer or a vessel whose registration needs to be updated, then you need the address of the place where it is located or parked.

Address Change Verification

Since there are no new documents that are issued to you after your address is changed, you have to find out whether it has been successfully done otherwise. Firstly, it takes about three business days until your record at the DMV is updated, so sit tight till then. After 72 hours have passed, you can log onto the CA DMV’s Change of Address System and select the “Check Status Update Option.”

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