Illinois DMV Change Of Address

Moving from one city to another is a hassle and even if the packers you hired take care of moving all the heavy furniture and other thing in the house it doesdoes not end there. There is then the hassle of changing your address and registering this change with all the people and places which are important. One such place where registering a change of address is mandatory is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). In Illinois the following steps have to taken at the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicle to change your address.

To begin with, notify the Illinois Secretary of State’s office of your change of address. This is necessary under the Illinois’ vehicle code. This is done through a change of address form. Filling out this form, carefully fill in all the information asked for. This includes the number of your current driver’s license, your previous address, your new address, your birth date, your vehicles license plate number along with the VIN.

After completing the form it is now time to either mail it on the following address:

Secretary of State, Vehicle Services Department
501 S. 2nd Street
Springfield, IL 62756.

Or you can submit the change  online at www. , the Department of Motor Vehicles, Illinois (DMV) website.

Remember that this procedure needs to be completed within ten days of moving or change of address. If you choose to submit the form online you can also update your vehicle registration at the same time. You can also do this by visiting your local driver services office. First notifying the Secretary of State’s office of your change of address and then visit the local driver service office, complete another form and pay a $5 fee for the DMV to issue you a new license with your new address.
When an Illinois DMV change of address is done online, just enter your personal information like your driver’s license or, the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, your new address and you are done.

What steps do I have to take to ensure that my Illinois DMV vehicle address change is valid and acceptable?

In order to change the address on your vehicle’s registration, you can either using online links on the official Illinois Secretary of State’s website or by visiting a designated facility in person. By law, if your address has changed in actuality, you have to update your records by notifying the office of the Illinois Secretary of State within 10 days. Please use more links on our site for further details.

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