North Carolina DMV Change Of Address

North Carolina DMV Change of Address

The Department of Motor Vehicle requires you to notify your own state’s DMV immediately of your change of address, in case you shift your residence form one place to another. It is required that you notify them within a certain period of time so that all important mail can be directed to the changed address. Keeping your address current is essential so that renewal notices, license suspensions and motor vehicle validation problems along with other potentially serious issues can be brought to the notice of residents. There are several ways of changing ad updating your address provided by the state. It can be conveniently done online as well depending on the state and the DMV of that area.

The state of North Carolina requires you to notify the Division of Motor vehicle within 60 days of the move.  North Carolina DMV change of address can be done easily by filling an online form at anytime with a deposit of $10. On the completion of the form, you will receive a confirmation email within the next 48 hours. This information also needs to be updated on your vehicle registration, driving license and title certificate. It is also important that you notify your insurance holder so that you can be regularly updated about payments, renewals and other important communication. Along with the change of address you need to provide your social security number, full name and your license number. Your information needs to be put exactly as it appears on your current North Carolina License/ ID card.  The change of address can also be notified in person to the nearest Division of Motor Vehicles Office where you can also change the address on your license.

Done within a few minutes through some clicks, notifying your DMV of the address within 60 days of the time limit is no hassle. However, your online change form will not amend the voter registration status you hold. For that it is important that you personally visit your nearest DMV office and submit a form for an updated voter registration status. For any further information, look into the guidelines provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles in North Carolina.

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