New York DMV Change Of Address

Under the New York laws, a resident has 10 days to notify the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) about the change of address after he/she has moved to a new residence. For the sake of convenience, people have three different ways through which they can notify of such a change to the DMV: by mail, phone or online. A change of address, however, cannot be notified through email.

The online option is the most popular way of notifying NY DMV of the change of address. It is easy, safe and secure. The applicant must use the state DMV’s “Change DMV Mailing and Residence Addresses” service. The website will require the applicant to sign in (for those who have already made an account) or sign up with MyDMV service. This is necessary to ensure a safe online transaction and to make sure that the right person is requesting a change of address. MyDMV service registration will ask for:

  • Last four digits of the applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Information from the applicant’s DMV driver license

Once an online account is successfully set up, the applicant can access other online services provided by the DMV as well.

Some people may prefer the telephone option. For this, they must call a DMV call center. The DMV representative will ask the caller questions to establish his/her identity. Therefore, it is important to keep a valid driver license close by when calling the NY DMV. If a new driver license is not ordered, the DMV’s change in address service is for free.

Form MV-232 must be sent to DMV if the mail-in option is being used to notify the DMV about a change in address. This form can be downloaded online and is available in Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Bengali, in addition to the English language. The form will ask whether the applicant requires a new driver license displaying his/her new address along with the change in DMV’s records or not. The appropriate box must be checked if a new driver license is required otherwise the DMV will update its record only and will not mail a new driver license to the applicant.

Will the DMV change address NY automatically if I update mine with the US Postal Service (USPS)?

No, an address change on the USPS records does not automatically lead to your DMV records being updated. Neither does this happen the other way round. For changing you address with the NY DMV, you can use the online service “MyDMV” by first signing up for it. You can also change your address via mail or over the telephone.

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